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About Us

Welcome to Bandera Pool! With over a decade of expertise in pool construction and maintenance, Bandera Pool is your trusted partner for all your pool service needs in the East End of Long Island, NY.

Our commitment to excellence sets us apart as the latest addition to the premier pool service and construction companies in this area.

At Bandera Pool, we aim to collaborate with you in crafting an outdoor oasis that offers the utmost enjoyment, relaxation, and luxury. No project is too modest for us, and we're eager to assist you in making your dream space a reality. Reach out to us via phone or email today to embark on the journey of creating your ideal outdoor environment. Your complete satisfaction is our sole objective!


  • Pool construction East End
    • construction Build a New pool
    • Obtaining necessary construction permits.
    • Creating unique and personalized pool designs.
    • Energy-Efficient Pool Solutions.
    • Design and installation of saltwater pools.
  • Pool renovation Long Island
    • construction Repairs
    • Restoring and fixing existing pools.
    • Designing poolside areas.
    • Enhancing the pool area with landscaping.
    • Building poolside decks.
    • Designing and building outdoor kitchen areas.
  • Pool water testing
    • construction New System
    • Implementing safety features.
    • Adding fountains, waterfalls, and more.
    • Installing energy-efficient pool lighting.
    • Installing efficient filtration.
    • Installing hot tubs and spas.


  • We have what it takes to get you the best deal for your ideal pool. Pool Maintenance 24/7
  • Regular pool cleaning and upkeep.
  • Regular water quality testing and maintenance.
  • Preparing pools for winter months.
  • Providing and installing pool covers for safety and cleanliness.
  • Identifying and fixing pool leaks.
  • Thorough cleaning of pool bottoms using vacuum equipment.
  • Cleaning and maintaining pool tiles and grout.
  • Treating and preventing algae growth in the pool.