Ozone system

The Ozone system is specifically designed to create Ozone molecules from Oxygen in the air. The Ozone is strategically introduced in the pool water, Ozone will neutralize & remove, greases, oils, ammonia (sweat & urine) and organic waste from the water. Ozone has a very short-life span will convert back to O2 once it leaves the filter and it will lead to a REDUCTION in Chlorine/Salt Chlorination demand.
After the water has been injected with ozone and leaves the UV unit, the swimmer will have the cleanest, healthiest, natural & most purified water available on the market today, with minimum chlorine and NO harmful by-products.

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Salt system

The Pentair IntelliChlor Salt Chlorine Generator uses salt and converts it into natural chlorine for your pool.   The water is softer, feels silky smooth, is easier on the eyes and hair and does not have that “chlorine” smell that is offensive to most people.
You will save money on chemical chlorine and the pool will be properly sanitized by using only a small  amount  of chlorine (in parts per million).
The Pentair IntelliChlor Salt Generator is available in three sizes so only the right amount of chlorine is produced for the specific body of water it will be sanitizing.

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Weekly Maintenance

Bandera Pool provides full Weekly Maintenance for swimming pools and spas. Services include:

  • Summerization (Balance/Test Water, Vacuum Pool/Spa, Remove and store pool cover, Test Fire Heater, Reinstall pool/spa deck fixtures, Fill pool/spa, Acid Wash, Power Wash)
  • Winterization (Winterize Pool/Spa, Lower water, Re-Install Winter Cover, Remove and store Pump in pool house/garage or shed on property, Winter Service Checks are available).

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